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Western auto insurance .net provides instant access to insurance quotes from a variety of providers, all geared towards saving you money. The first thing a car owner needs to determine is how much coverage they need to have on their car. In some states there is a minimum coverage that must be carried; however, this does not mean that they car owner can’t go above that amount. There is comprehensive coverage and collision coverage in addition to the required liability coverage. Collision coverage is useful for replacing and repairing the car in the event of an accident. If the car is a newer model the cost of comprehensive coverage is worth the protection to the vehicle.  Comprehensive coverage is for damage of any other type, such as from a fire, vandalism, or other circumstances that are not a collision. Liability insurance is usually the required insurance although in some states motorists can pay a fee in order to drive without insurance coverage. This is not generally a good idea because if the motorist is involved in an accident their personal finances could be in danger of being involved in a lawsuit due there being no insurance. helps you sort out the confusing world of auto insurance by making the top providers compete for your business. Let us do the leg work for you. It’s what we do.